Operation Tight Ass; A closer look on how to get those booty gains!

I have been on “Operation Tight Ass” since I started bodybuilding back in 2013; my derriere was and has been a major focus of my training. I believe that if you’re not born with it, then you have to build it! Needless to say, I have been experimenting with glute programming for quite some time and now it’s time to start sharing! So let’s take a look at your glutes and workout a program that will help you build your booty!

First, let’s dive in to the science-ish stuff to help you better understand your booty. The glutes are made up of 3 separate muscles; the Gluteus Maximus, The Gluteus Medius, and the Gluteus minimus.

The Gluteus Medius and Minimus are often forgotten about so let’s start there. The medius originates (attached at) the illium crest of the pelvis. The top of your hipbone and it inserts into the greater trochanter of the femur. Directly underneath the Medius Muscle is the Minimus. The minimus originates lower on your Pelvis (outer surface of the ilium) and also inserts into the greater trochanter of the femur.

Well what do these muscles do for you? The Glute Medius and Minimus are BOTH stabilizers of your hip joint.,..meaning they help you stand on one leg while either balancing or walking. They also play a key roll in hip abduction (moving your leg away from the body laterally/to the side).

On to that maximus muscle! The Gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your body. Well for most of us. Many people who spend their days seated and neglect exercising can experience gluteal atrophy causing the muscle to shrink in size. It is the most powerful of the three and the most superficial. Meaning it is closest to the surface. Since it is SOOO big, it has several different origins; the pelvis, sacrum, coccyx and some fascia. It inserts into the upper femur and the IT band. The Glute Max is responsible for hip extension, external rotation, hip abduction and posterior pelvic tilt ….So basically, lots of movements!

I know what you’re thinking, what exercises do I need to do then? Well let’s take a look at the best glute exercises that will help you develop a nice booty!

So when you’re diving into a glute program, you want to think if you are making that mind to muscle connection. So basically you want to meditate for a minute and get in touch with the max, med, and minimus. This connection if very important and will help you “Turn the Glutes on” when training. You never want to just go through the motions of the exercise…if you’re at the bottom of a squat you need to be thinking; “ass ass ass ass ass” or I like to yell at me clients “squeeze it!”

Best Butt Exercises (JUST A FEW!!!!)

If you are on “Operation Tight Ass” you want to focus on your glutes by adding 2-3 of these per workout.


  1. Squats – There are many different variations of the squat and even though they are not a solely glute focused movement, squats do allow you to progressively add more weight (progressive overload) which in turn will help with glute activation. I also like to add 1-2 compound movements into my glute workouts and squats are a fantastic example of one!

BUT(T) since this is a glute focused entry, let’s figure out how to make your squats more booty friendly. To ensure that you are targeting your glutes more effectively with squats, you want your feet to be place more than shoulder width apart (more into a sumo stance, oh yes that is abduction) and your toes are turned out (theres that external hip rotation I was talking about!!!)  At the top of the movement, you ALSO want to extend your hips fully and squeeze your butt. At this point in the exercise the glutes are flexed or shortened, so fucking squeeze!

Here’s a squat video where I am using a kettlebell (feel free to use a barbell, dumbbells, or even no weight!!!!). My feet are turned out and more than shoulder width apart. I am fully extending my hips while squeezing my butt at the top or the end of the movement. When doing this type of glute focused squat, don’t worry about using a lot of weight; you want to be able to get your glutes activated so light to medium amount of weight will work perfectly!

Check This Video Out!



  1.  You’ve been seeing people do these in the gym, they look like they are humping a barbell and you think it looks funny, but actually they are ahead of the glute game. Hip thrusts are a very effective, glute exercise. These can be done with a barbell across your hips or with a band around your legs with your back elevated on a bench or a box. The main glute activation occurs when the hips are fully extended and glutes are shortened. (At the top of the hip thrust movement).

Here is a video:



  1. Single Leg Deadlifts – You can start your program off by doing these without weight and then progressing to holding a dumbbell or kettlebell in your hand. Hold the weight in the opposite hand of the leg you are deadlifting. This exercise is fantastic for glute activiation because it is a unilateral movement, meaning one sided. You can really focus on activating one glute at a time!

Here is a video:



  1. Single Leg Squat – Another unilateral movement that will effectively target your glutes as well as doing different single leg movements will help you target different parts of your glutes. There are many different variations of the single leg squat.

Here are a few Single Leg Squat Variations:



  1. Glute Bridge – This movement is different that the hip thrust as it is performed while lying on your back on the ground.  This can be performed with body weight only as well as adding a band around your knees for added difficulty. You can place your feet at different widths to vary your movement, and also don’t forget to turn out those toes. When Hips are extended fully at the top of the movement, make sure to engage your glutes!

Here is a video:


Happy Booty Building!  If you have any questions or need some assistance, feel free to contact me today!



So, you just celebrated Thanksgiving and now it’s basically already Christmas, I mean the music has already started playing on the radio, shopping centers have already put up their parking lot décor, and now it is socially acceptable to put up your Christmas tree. BUT we still have 30 plus days until New Years Eve and the start of 2018! This time is somewhat of a limbo….many are going to be eating Thanksgiving left overs for several days, your ugly Christmas sweater is dry cleaned and ready for at least 3 parties, and not to mention the office parties that are filling up your social calendar already! Well of course this time of year is known for many as the time of year they gain the most weight! You feel obligated to go to all these parties, however you don’t want to start your health and fitness goals just yet so the extra pounds just stack on.


Well let’s make this year different; we all want to feel good, look good, and have a properly working digestive system and having a plan of action can help you stay on track, but still enjoy your holidays! Here are 3 tips to help you stay on track during this Limbo time and head into 2018 AHEAD of your goals.


  1. Enjoy Food in Moderation. OF COURSE you should have enjoyed yourself at Thanksgiving, but don’t keep that party going by consuming the leftovers for several days afterwards! Thanksgiving meals usually have such an abundance of food left over that you have the same meal with all those extra calories to eat over and over again. Having a cheat meal/day is NOT going to set you back, but when that day turns into a week, or a month, then YES then is will set you back. So get back on track the next day and return to your regular meal plan. Learn how much you should cook for next year that will prohibit having so much food left over. (Meal Plans Available here:  

This also goes for holiday parties; enjoy yourself at a party but keep your drinking to glass/cocktail and don’t stand by the food table as you may start grazing. Need some tips on mindless eating, then check this blog out: 

  1. Plan Time For Your Workouts and Hit the gym for some Full Body Workouts. I know you’ve heard this before; the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, well it’s TRUE!!!! When you head to the gym think about a workout that will be full-body, with multi joint exercises that emphasize on the biggest muscle groups: Legs, Back, Chest and Shoulders. Multi Joint means the exercise works more than one joint for example, Squats. Squats involve your hips, knees, and ankle joints. A Bicep curl is NOT a multi joint exercise, because it involves only the elbow joint. So think big when it comes to picking the right exercises so you maximize your workout time as well! Please don’t think I am telling you to never work your biceps, but incorporate them into a multi joint movement; Dumbbell Squat with curl OR Dumbbell Squat with curl to shoulder press. These are great movements that are multi jointed AND will increase your heart rate!!!!

 Need Assistance with training? Here are a few of my programs (

  1. Set A Realistic Goal For This Time Period (Not your 2018 goal, but a short term one). I am a huge believer in short-term goal setting. If you have a goal that you want to loose a 100 pounds during 2018 that is a huge undertaking! During this Limbo time, set a short-term realistic goal that you know you can accomplish. For example, working out 3 times per week or meal prepping 6 days a week but enjoying that holiday party Saturday night. It is important to stay FOCUSED!!!! If we are not working towards something, then of course we will fall off track and then our discipline, eating, and not working out could get out of control!


Nutrition coaching is a great way to sit down with me and talk about your goals, formulate a nutrition plan, and provide you with some fitness accountability! Sometimes we can’t go it alone, but I can HELP YOU!! Email me at to set up your Transformation Coaching session Today!!!



What Are Some MAJOR Nutrition Mistakes You might be making?

Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to have a whole lot of face to face nutrition consultations as well as helping those people with finding a nutritional solution that works for them!  During those consults, I actually hear the SAME THING, over and over again.  This is what this person is doing to loose weight and it worked for a while and now they are up 15 pounds, and oh I tried that one diet and I never saw any results, etc.  After hearing all these testimonials of failed diets I compiled a list of things that you may be doing wrong when it comes to nutrition, but you may actually think you are helping yourself!  After studying nutrition for my undergrad, master’s, my nutrition certification, and several hundred meal plans later I can honestly say that nutrition is not as complicated as you think.  Is there some conspiracy out there that makes everyone think there’s some sort of secret about what you should be eating but the government wants to keep you in the dark and drinking that latest Juice Cleanse?  Well here’s as much of that ‘secret’ as I can write in a short, semi-entertaining blog.



  1. Not eating enough calories. – Wait, what? I thought you had to eat a 1200 calorie diet in order to loose weight? Well you’ve been fed lies! Let me break this down for you simply; yes a caloric deficit (calories in less than Total calories out/burned) is how you loose weight.  BUT  skipping breakfast then eating a salad for lunch and a piece of toast for dinner does put you in a deficit but that also equates to being miserable and hungry all the time! Eating such a restricted diet where you aren’t fueling your metabolism enough could cause your hunger hormone, or Ghrelin to increase and cause you to have hunger pains as well as cause your metabolism to slowwwww down. Eating restricted calories for too long could also lead to weight loss plateaus, low energy (HANGER!!!!) and you might just end up binging because you are soooooo hungry!   (Completely off topic: I at first thought it said gremlin instead of Ghrelin, so I have always imagined a gremlin taking up residence in my stomach and I like to blame that little bastard for my Hangry moments and all my stomach rumblings when I realized I haven’t eaten in a while),


Well what is the solution then? Can some one please just give me the effing answer already!!!!! Well here it is…kinda….The solution is creating a caloric deficit nutrition plan that is BALANCED as well as based on your height, weight, age, activity levels, goals, etc. No two plans can be the same because of just those reasons! If you are tired of guessing what you are supposed to eat or how much of everything you are supposed to eat, then it’s time to hire a professional!!!!


  1. Eliminating Fat – Yes that’s right, if you don’t eat fat you will get fat or remain fat. I’m not talking about the fat you find in butter or that piece of Popeye’s fried chicken, I’m talking about the HEALTHY SOURCES!!!! Hold up, there are healthy fats?  Yes!!!! And here are a few; nuts, nut butters (oh hells yes, peanut butter!!!), avocado, chia seeds, olive oil, coconut oil flax seeds, etc.


Healthy fats are responsible for many things;

  • they help your body absorb nutrients (so like you can’t absorb all that vitamin A,D,E and K supplements you’ve been swallowing, so like what’s the point of even eating all that shit)
  • Healthy fats help your body produce hormones and healthy cells
  • They help you produce the hormone that kills that little bastard gremlin hormone; called Leptin. Leptin tells your body that you are FULL. So you are supposed to listen to that one!


Let me also add this; eliminating fats is a bad idea as well as eliminating carbs. What the hell are you supposed to be eating all day? Tilapia and egg whites all day? G-ross!!!!! Not all carb sources are bad for you! Pick out some of these; sweet potatoes, white potatoes, white/brown/wild/black/red rice, quinoa, couscous, oatmeal, etc.  However if you choose to eat sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and all those fucking tacos then yes, those carbs are bad (Also tortillas are made with lard…have you ever seen raw lard???). Carbohydrates are ACTUALLY your body’s main source of energy. So yes you may see results in a few days by doing a low carb diet, but depleting your body of that macronutrient long term is not wise or healthy.


Last but Not least, number 3: You are Jumping onto all the Diet Fad Trains. STOP TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT! If you need to loose 10 pounds in one week, that seems almost impossible as well as un healthy! All these fucking juice cleanses, IL-researched crap diets that work for one don’t necessarily work for everyone! Just because janey-sueIG drinks 5 juices all day and claims this is the way she stays so lean and skinny doesn’t mean that she is actually only drinking those fuckers AND that sounds absolutely miserable.  If you are trying to do a special diet that tells you that you will never have to workout on this diet, then run the opposite direction!  Are you so afraid of hard work or sweating that you would rather starve?  Working out, doing a moderate amount of cardio is essential for healthy living.


Here’s my tip for you….FIND SOME NUTRITIONAL BALANCE!!!! The right combination of Protein, Healthy Carbs, and Healthy Fats will actually work together to fuel your metabolism, help you burn body fat and gain lean muscle (For those who want that toned look). Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, but with all the crap that is out there, it really can be! Learning what works for your body; eating small meals through out the day (To keep that gremlin hormone out) and enjoying your food!


Find yourself wondering what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat?  Then let me be your nutrition coach!  All plans are available online!  Get started TODAY





One huge question I get from clients when creating their meal plans is “Can I still eat out?” Of course you can! But it will take some discipline!

The truth is, the ‘best’ diet or workout isn’t always the one that’s the most precise or scientific. If you don’t understand the psychology and emotion related to eating then you’re missing the most important part. I believe that the best Diet/Workout plan is one that allows you be make consistent progress BUT don’t feel overly restricted. Even slow progress is STILL progress!


Going out to eat is inevitable; we all have events or birthday parties to go to that almost always revolve around food; so let’s learn how to navigate a restaurant menu!


  1. Check the menu before hand – Most restaurants now have their menus published on their websites so it makes it easy to plan out your meal in advanced. This prevents you from showing up “blind” and not know what they had to offer.


  1. Skip the Appetizers – Yes, that means the chips and queso! An endless bowl of tortilla chips is always a bad idea, because many times they come around a refill it! So by the time your dinner arrives you have already eaten ….who knows how many calories! If we are staying on track then ordering endless bowls of food is not the BEST option.


  1. Just Say No to Fried Food – Fried food is always the worst option. Deep fried foods absorb the fat in the oils. These are significant calorie dense foods that are unhealthy and eating them regularly could lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, or even High cholesterol. Stick to grilled, broiled, or baked items.


  1. Enjoy yourself! – Yes it may be stressful at first, but you’ll get used to it. Even if someone else orders that plate of fried calamari to share, doesn’t mean that you have to participate! Stick your plan and stay on track!



Tips For Success!

Mindless eating and snacking is a major battle for many people.  Hurricane Harvey was especially hard, with the inability to go anywhere or do anything EXCEPT eat! Speaking to my clients upon our return to a regular gym routine, most were upfront and honest; “just letting you know I did nothing for over a week, well except eat.” Hey, hurricanes happen! But let’s get back to our goals and learn how to overcome mindless eating!


Mindless eating or bad eating behaviors come from our already bad habits, daily routines, and crazy schedules. Many people eat their food without even thinking about it. Have you ever opened a bag of chips while sitting in front of the TV and realized half the bag is gone but don’t remember eating all those chips?!! This is our unconscious mind telling us to eat. I remember always getting a package of Sour Patch Kids before watching a movie at theater and usually I would finish it before the previews were over. I sometimes would even go a get another box…just because I felt like I had to be eating it while watching the movie!

Our emotions sometimes cause mindless eating; have you ever felt upset or depressed and you turned to food to help you feel better? That pint of ice cream is not going to make you feel better!

There is hope, I promise! The best way to start to overcome your mindless eating habits is to create new habits or change your already existing ones to make it harder to snack.


Meal planning is not just about sticking to a balanced nutrition plan, it’s about being prepared! How many times have you not packed your lunch/snacks and found yourself in front of the vending machine at work or ordering a quick unhealthy meal from the cafeteria? Having your meals with you everyday helps you to eliminate those bad food decisions as well as the temptation.


As a Wellness coach, one of the services I offer is a Pantry Consultation. Here I go into your pantry and refrigerator and throw out all the unhealthy snacks and foods that will tempt you into mindless eating.   If you don’t have it in your home, then you won’t be able to eat it! As someone who struggled with an eating disorder, this tip is key to my success. If you don’t buy it, then you won’t eat it.


Portion sizes are OUT OF CONTROL! King size that, Super Size this…everything is served to us as if it was our last meal EVER! We personally can control our portion sizes. When portioning out your meals, fill at least half of the plate or bowl with veggies. Veggies are high in fiber and will help you feel full as well as slows down the digestion process to help you feel fuller longer. When eating out at a restaurant don’t be tempted to eat the whole meal; make it a habit to cut the meal in half and take the rest home to eat for another meal.



Mindless eating can’t be cured overnight! It is time to be aware of our eating and strive to be healthier one day at a time! If you need guidance from a Nutrition Specialist, then I am here to help! Not only do I create customized meal plans for you, but I help you learn healthy habits and set new goals! Don’t wait any longer! Email






How Fit Girl Dates Taco Boy

Ok, so even though it has been awhile since I have written a “How To Date A Fit Girl” blog, never fear I have been out there collecting stories. Dating these days has been exhausting on top of training for competitions and working full time.   Recently I started talking to a new boy, who we will call “Taco Boy” as you will find out later. …

First date with Taco Boy; we met for brunch. I have found that most guys will ask me if I have certain dietary preferences; but Taco Boy did not. He suggested Brunch places that had absolutely no option that I could eat; as even during a cheat day I do not fried food. So I suggested a couple different options that had a wide variety of options that could please anyone. I used to be afraid of making what I eat a big deal, but for me it really is a big deal!

So brunch…(had to make it kind of early as I had another date that evening lol). Taco Boy was very nice and he had recently been to Thailand so we had a lot to talk about. He also asked me about eating/food…is what my partner eats a big deal to me? I said no; what my partner eats doesn’t bother me, but they also have to accept the fact that I eat a super clean diet and lately I haven’t even been eating meat…

Fit Girl: “no, what my partner eats doesn’t bother me BUT fast food does. I absolutely cannot stand fast food; I hate the smell of it and I think its just gross! I have seen too many people already that have suffered/suffering from heart disease because of their bad eating habits“

Taco Boy: “Ok ok,, I gotcha. I don’t really eat fast food. I agree with you, I mean I eat healthy most of the time, I am just getting back into it. “

(Insert internal eye roll here) The problem with my job is I feel some guys quickly turn me into their own personal trainer, like you don’t have to tell me when you go to the gym and please, PLEASE don’t “Promise” me that you’re just getting “back” into it. Back into what? For Fuck’s sake you sound like some of my clients.

Well Whatever, I brushed off the food part of the convo and we made plans to meet up, but then…Harvery and I was stuck on vacation; I know I know, poor me.

Ok so back from South America! Leading up to our second time meeting; we talk a few times after work on the phone. On a Wednesday I think:

Taco Boy: hey, how was your day?

Fit Girl: Hey! It was great, busy day and –

Taco Boy: Oh Hang on a Sec…

Fit Girl: Oh ok (Thinking he had to take another call)

Taco Bell Drive Thru Worker: Hi welcome to taco bell, what can I get for you?

Taco Boy: I’d like a number 3 and a number (what ever is for nachos) and a coke

Taco Bell Drive Through Worker: Ok that will be blah blah dollars. Please pull forward.

Taco Boy: Ok sorry I am back; how was your day?

Fit Girl: You at Taco Bell?

Taco Boy: Wait, You heard that?!

Fit Girl: Uh….Yes…

Taco Boy: oh man well I thought I put you on mute. I didn’t want you to hear me.  And how did you know I was at Taco Bell.

Fit Girl: Oh well the mute didn’t work and where else can you get drive through nachos? Kind of narrowed down the fast food joints.

Fit Girl to Fit Girl: WTF! (Insert bad facial diarrhea here, aka my stank face) Did this dude really just order fast food on the phone with me??? He should have just called me back instead of 1. Trying to put me on mute and 2. Trying to hide him ordering fast food and 3. I even put I DON’T EAT TACOS on my profile just to be forthright and honest.  I hate Tacos.  That’s my opinion and my choice so i don’t care what anyone thinks.

What I don’t understand is dating is dating, we are both out here trying to find a significant other that we are compatible with as well as someone you can be truthful and honest with. So If I am honest and expressing myself about my habits and what I don’t like; then fuck be honest and say that you do eat fast food every now and then or several days a week as it seems to be his case.

Well Thursday OR the very next day rolls around and Taco Boy gives me a call:

Taco Boy: “Blah blah….Telling me about a story with his co worker and how the co worker is so lazy and takes all these breaks during the day:

Fit Girl: Oh wow that sucks, I can’t believe –

Taco Boy: Oh hang on a sec – Phone Mutes

Fit Girl to Fit Girl: wait….is this fucker muting me again??

Taco Boy: (Several minutes later…I should have just fucking hung up) “Ok sorry about that”

Fit Girl: “Where are you at now…Burger King?”

Taco Boy: “Wait did the mute not work again?”

Fit Girl: No, it worked I was just assuming you were at burger king.

Taco Boy: No I am at Popeyes. I start Monday eating healthy.

Fit Girl Major eye roll and internal groan – why is it always “i’ll start monday????”

Taco Boy: yah I am going to start going to the gym again on Monday.

Fit Girl: Oh Ok cool (What the Fuck else am I supposed to say. I am NOT his trainer!!!!!!!!)

So then I start getting awoken by 4 am texts just letting me know he’s going to the gym. You know, sometimes I don’t have to get up to 430 or 5 even so now he’s fucking with my sleep…Thanks Taco Boy! This is doomed.

One of the top questions that I get asked as a Personal Trainer/Bodybuilder is what kind of Protein Shake do I like the best?  Which gave me the idea to write about it.  You may or may not be shocked to find out what my response is: “I don’t drink protein shakes!!!” Wait what?? Yes that is correct, I, Lauren Kate Austin, a body builder, nutritionist, and personal trainer, do not drink protein shakes. I actually get many gifts from people, like tubs of protein powder, shaker cups, or even protein shake coolers which start to collect dust. Sorry, those get re-gifted :/. I just love eating so much that I would rather meal prep extra meals so I have more opportunities to eat than drink a shake.   That is just my opinion for myself. Also when preparing for a competition, eating real food helps in the repair/recovery process better than shakes do. So since I am in prep mode, definitely no shakes for me!

Even though I personally don’t drink them right now, I am of course not against them. If I am creating a meal plan for a client who has a busy job or works in their car for most of the day, eating small meals is really hard. The way to solve that problem is usually by incorporating 1 or 2 shakes throughout the day. This is an instance where drinking a protein shake makes sense.

Just because you see all the bros in the gym chugging one of those gainer shakes post and even pre workout doesn’t mean that’s the right fit for you. If you need a quick easy meal after your workout then yes incorporating a shake post workout is best for you, but be aware of what you’re drinking. Post workout your body needs to repair the muscles that you literally tore down and eating a meal with protein will help aid in the building/repairing process. BUT it’s best to have a source of carbohydrates with that protein. During your workout you’ve just depleted your glycogen stores, so consuming a post workout shake that has a moderate amount of carbs and protein is a great after workout meal, not just a shake with 50 plus grams of protein.  (THAT’S A LOT!!!)

Which shake is the right one for you? Well first off, you need to figure out how many grams of protein YOU need everyday. A shake should be easily incorporated into your daily protein needs and not consumed on top of what you’re already eating everyday.  Want to figure out what works best for you and your fitness goals?  Contact me to set up a Nutrition coaching session today!


Lauren Kate Austin M. Ed. –



The LAST thing that I want to happen is getting to the gym and not being able to tie up my hair! I’ve even gone out to my car to search for a forgotten one just in case! I usually keep some around my wrist, but my clients also forget so they borrow my wrist ones sometimes! I’ve started to keep a stash in my gym bag just in case and luckily I had them because I forgot to grab my wrist ones this morning! It may not seem like a big deal but with my hair I don’t think I could workout with it down!

Went out for my first training 10 mile ride this morning…and was hit by a car! The lady driving was looking down and unable to swerve as I was going fast I braked and fell on her hood (I hope I left a dent).

Our conversation:
Bad driver: oh I’m so sorry I looked and I didn’t see you
Victim rider: that’s because you were looking down!
Bad driver: oh my husband just died
Victim rider: well that doesn’t mean you should kill me!
Bad driver: I’m so sorry my husband just died
Me: just pay attention when you drive.

Hit by a car or not I finished my ride and then went for a run! Glad I wore a helmet and I know it could have been worse.
My run was not easy! It was really difficult to run after the 10 mile ride. I ran a 5k but had to do a run walk. I’ve got a lot of work to do before the sprint triathlon in August.


Dry shampoo is an oil absorbing; it removes oil from your scalp, cleans your hair without having to wash it (avoid the greasy look!!) as well as can give your hair some volume.

This is my favorite brand and it’s always in my gym bag for a quick fix up in between clients and workouts!