One of the top questions that I get asked as a Personal Trainer/Bodybuilder is what kind of Protein Shake do I like the best?  Which gave me the idea to write about it.  You may or may not be shocked to find out what my response is: “I don’t drink protein shakes!!!” Wait what?? Yes that is correct, I, Lauren Kate Austin, a body builder, nutritionist, and personal trainer, do not drink protein shakes. I actually get many gifts from people, like tubs of protein powder, shaker cups, or even protein shake coolers which start to collect dust. Sorry, those get re-gifted :/. I just love eating so much that I would rather meal prep extra meals so I have more opportunities to eat than drink a shake.   That is just my opinion for myself. Also when preparing for a competition, eating real food helps in the repair/recovery process better than shakes do. So since I am in prep mode, definitely no shakes for me!

Even though I personally don’t drink them right now, I am of course not against them. If I am creating a meal plan for a client who has a busy job or works in their car for most of the day, eating small meals is really hard. The way to solve that problem is usually by incorporating 1 or 2 shakes throughout the day. This is an instance where drinking a protein shake makes sense.

Just because you see all the bros in the gym chugging one of those gainer shakes post and even pre workout doesn’t mean that’s the right fit for you. If you need a quick easy meal after your workout then yes incorporating a shake post workout is best for you, but be aware of what you’re drinking. Post workout your body needs to repair the muscles that you literally tore down and eating a meal with protein will help aid in the building/repairing process. BUT it’s best to have a source of carbohydrates with that protein. During your workout you’ve just depleted your glycogen stores, so consuming a post workout shake that has a moderate amount of carbs and protein is a great after workout meal, not just a shake with 50 plus grams of protein.  (THAT’S A LOT!!!)

Which shake is the right one for you? Well first off, you need to figure out how many grams of protein YOU need everyday. A shake should be easily incorporated into your daily protein needs and not consumed on top of what you’re already eating everyday.  Want to figure out what works best for you and your fitness goals?  Contact me to set up a Nutrition coaching session today!


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