Stay Fit This Holiday Season


So, you just celebrated Thanksgiving and now it’s basically already Christmas, I mean the music has already started playing on the radio, shopping centers have already put up their parking lot décor, and now it is socially acceptable to put up your Christmas tree. BUT we still have 30 plus days until New Years Eve and the start of 2018! This time is somewhat of a limbo….many are going to be eating Thanksgiving left overs for several days, your ugly Christmas sweater is dry cleaned and ready for at least 3 parties, and not to mention the office parties that are filling up your social calendar already! Well of course this time of year is known for many as the time of year they gain the most weight! You feel obligated to go to all these parties, however you don’t want to start your health and fitness goals just yet so the extra pounds just stack on.


Well let’s make this year different; we all want to feel good, look good, and have a properly working digestive system and having a plan of action can help you stay on track, but still enjoy your holidays! Here are 3 tips to help you stay on track during this Limbo time and head into 2018 AHEAD of your goals.


  1. Enjoy Food in Moderation. OF COURSE you should have enjoyed yourself at Thanksgiving, but don’t keep that party going by consuming the leftovers for several days afterwards! Thanksgiving meals usually have such an abundance of food left over that you have the same meal with all those extra calories to eat over and over again. Having a cheat meal/day is NOT going to set you back, but when that day turns into a week, or a month, then YES then is will set you back. So get back on track the next day and return to your regular meal plan. Learn how much you should cook for next year that will prohibit having so much food left over. (Meal Plans Available here:  

This also goes for holiday parties; enjoy yourself at a party but keep your drinking to glass/cocktail and don’t stand by the food table as you may start grazing. Need some tips on mindless eating, then check this blog out: 

  1. Plan Time For Your Workouts and Hit the gym for some Full Body Workouts. I know you’ve heard this before; the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, well it’s TRUE!!!! When you head to the gym think about a workout that will be full-body, with multi joint exercises that emphasize on the biggest muscle groups: Legs, Back, Chest and Shoulders. Multi Joint means the exercise works more than one joint for example, Squats. Squats involve your hips, knees, and ankle joints. A Bicep curl is NOT a multi joint exercise, because it involves only the elbow joint. So think big when it comes to picking the right exercises so you maximize your workout time as well! Please don’t think I am telling you to never work your biceps, but incorporate them into a multi joint movement; Dumbbell Squat with curl OR Dumbbell Squat with curl to shoulder press. These are great movements that are multi jointed AND will increase your heart rate!!!!

 Need Assistance with training? Here are a few of my programs (

  1. Set A Realistic Goal For This Time Period (Not your 2018 goal, but a short term one). I am a huge believer in short-term goal setting. If you have a goal that you want to loose a 100 pounds during 2018 that is a huge undertaking! During this Limbo time, set a short-term realistic goal that you know you can accomplish. For example, working out 3 times per week or meal prepping 6 days a week but enjoying that holiday party Saturday night. It is important to stay FOCUSED!!!! If we are not working towards something, then of course we will fall off track and then our discipline, eating, and not working out could get out of control!


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