Dry shampoo is an oil absorbing; it removes oil from your scalp, cleans your hair without having to wash it (avoid the greasy look!!) as well as can give your hair some volume.

This is my favorite brand and it’s always in my gym bag for a quick fix up in between clients and workouts!


Had an interesting encounter at a gas station yesterday…

I was on my way out of town to go cheer on my fellow fit sista in Austin and had to stop and get gas and some gum (super important).

While waiting in line this guy behind me started to talk to me. In the past I’ve been more reserved about telling people what my hobby is (bodybuilding) but I decided to just be more frank even if it scares/intimidates guys. Because if a guy is intimidated then he’s not worth it!! BUT, I hate the pick up line he used..

Guy: wow you’re cute
Me: uh thanks..
Guy: do you play softball?
Me: no, I’m a bodybuilder
Guy: oh wow, I thought only guys do that
Me: no girls do bodybuilding too
Guy: I need to get in shape, do you have any advice?
Me: eat right (as he’s holding a bag of chips)
Guy: well that’s hard…do you have a card in case I need some advice?
Me: no sorry (i wasn’t at all)

I checked out and left!


I always have cleansing wipes and face wipes in my gym bag. These products are perfect for any fit girl that also has a hectic life!

I started using the exfoliating wipes to help with my face; I break out a lot! I use these to wipe of my make up as well as after a workout to make sure my face is clean/free of sweat and dirt.

Cleansing wipes are also great just in case you can’t always get a shower. Sometimes I have clients right after a workout so I use these to “freshen” up Description:

More to come on Gym Bag Essentials!


My wardrobe isn’t very exciting but if I have an event to attend I do like to get a new outfit so this past weekend I went hunting for a dress to wear to a wedding. I am having issues with clothes fitting around my “big girl” lats now and of course my quads. A previous weekend I had a dress that I had to have a friend help me zip up the side, but it was an epic fail, lats too big! So now

I went looking for a non zip up over the lats dress.

I found this one at Francesca’s in Rice Village. I tried on the large and it fit my back but as you can see is really way to big. So I opted for the medium even though it is a bit snug around my back, BUT I didn’t plan on attending the wedding and be doing my front relaxed the whole time…

With a new body comes new challenges to face. It’s tough to go out and have to buy a bigger size jeans but with Operation

Tight Ass comes a bigger booty, SO a larger size I must buy!