Life Of A Fit Girl – Clothes Shopping

My wardrobe isn’t very exciting but if I have an event to attend I do like to get a new outfit so this past weekend I went hunting for a dress to wear to a wedding. I am having issues with clothes fitting around my “big girl” lats now and of course my quads. A previous weekend I had a dress that I had to have a friend help me zip up the side, but it was an epic fail, lats too big! So now

I went looking for a non zip up over the lats dress.

I found this one at Francesca’s in Rice Village. I tried on the large and it fit my back but as you can see is really way to big. So I opted for the medium even though it is a bit snug around my back, BUT I didn’t plan on attending the wedding and be doing my front relaxed the whole time…

With a new body comes new challenges to face. It’s tough to go out and have to buy a bigger size jeans but with Operation

Tight Ass comes a bigger booty, SO a larger size I must buy!


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