Let’s skip to the end first. Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie was broken up with on a post-it note by the guy Berger she was dating? He wrote her a break up note on a post-it in the middle of the night and left before she woke up. Well in our more techno savvy era an equivalent of a post-it note would be a TEXT, and not just a text during the day, but one in the middle of the night when the sender knows you are asleep and won’t be able to answer till later.
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So in keeping up with the times and my inability to meet a guy the “normal” way…you know at work or at all the happy hours I attend…I’ve turned to the fire app AKA Tinder. Swiping is a new thing for me, but hey How To Date A Fit Girl is going to get really interesting!

So let’s call this guy Jiu Jitsu..JJ for short. If you know about tinder you know both parties have to swipe right for there to be a conversation allowed. So JJ and I both swiped right and started texting. JJ is 40 ish dude from somewhere in the burbs of Houston that does something with computers. We chatted for a bit on the app, found out some things we have in common and how he likes to practice/compete in Jiu Jitsu. As someone who is living an active lifestyle I prefer guys who are also active. I (as you will later read in a many part post, I don’t need/want to date a bodybuilder) have found that a guy won’t understand why you want to skip out on a happy hour to go for a run or why you can’t eat that bacon hamburger

😜 if they aren’t active in some sort of way. Being a Fit Girl requires dedication!

I thought Jiu Jitsu sounded like a pretty cool hobby as well as JJ loved to travel, he seemed down to earth, he didn’t wait 24 hours to text back or text in rapid succession of i couldn’t return a text.

One Friday night, (in my new Guess jeans) and a new pair of heals I hopped in an Uber and headed to a restaurant downtown. I thought my hair was on point and I had done a fairly decent job blending my eye shadow. (I bought a kit that shows you wear to put the colors but I still struggle sometimes).

We meet at the entrance and get walked to our table. And So dinner starts, and it’s a little awkward at first but soon we started talking and we ordered. This can be weird when you order anything that is remotely healthy on a Mexican restaurants menu. Pollo a la Plancha pour moi and didn’t get any comments or feedback about what he was ordering compared to my choice or wow do you always eat healthy…etc etc.

We started Sharing about work and life; he told me about his job, did not understand it, as well as Jiu Jitsu. I thought it was pretty cool that he competes and he seemed to take it pretty seriously. So when asked about my job/life I started to talk about competing…

What’s there to tell, I mean yes I get on stage in a sparkly bikini. Yes I am sometimes wearing clear stripper heals and yes I did do bodybuilding last year in Las Vegas and NO I don’t take any performance enhancers.

I have to be honest and I can’t tell someone I just do bikini, but I did say that I do figure physique and recently did bodybuilding. He asked a few questions about the difference but Man as soon as I said it, he got kinda weird.

JJ: oh man I don’t know what you think of me…I am sitting over here with like 17% body fat
Me: I think you look great (I mean I saw his profile, and I swiped right…right?!)
JJ: I mean I used to weigh about #### but now I’m ####.
Me: Oh, uh (who cares! I don’t even know how much I weigh!!!)
JJ: You must be used to seeing guys that are like 5%
Me: well yes but those guys don’t really appeal to me. There’s not enough mirror space for 2 body builders in one house hold (ha ha??).
JJ: well I hope some of it still appeals to you.
Me: ha ha (well yes, I am attracted to men…I mean there are other ways to set your profile up to)

Well crash and burn….I tried to change the subject but dinner was over and I had to be at work early so we said goodbye and I Ubered home. (I hate driving to and parking in downtown. ). Haven’t heard from him since, so, On to the next one!


I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of jeans. Jeans from different phases of my life. I have my Korean Man Jeans that I had to buy when I lived in South Korea but couldn’t fit into the women’s jeans. I have jeans that I bought during my first year of competing when my quads were barely in existence. I have dark jeans, light jeans, but never a pair of white jeans. Lately I have been living in my workout pants because, well, they fit my legs and my waist.

Well last week, with an outfit in mind for an evening out, I headed to the Galleria (During tax free weekend no less, what the f#$% was I even thinking!). I usually do well in Express but on my way there I randomly stopped into the Guess store. Right away the sales dude listened to my body issues, and started handing my jeans left and right.

Sales Dude: How Can I help you today?
Me: Well I need a pair of jeans, but I have large quads, my calves make it hard for skinny jeans to fit over, and my butt is also big but my waist is small.
Sales Dude: Ok No problem, let’s try these right here. Ill get you 2 sizes and start a room.
Me: Oh wow Ok!

As I was trying on the jeans, they kept handing me others. Most of them actually fit really well but I settled on this one pair. It was great to actually have a lot of options with jeans; usually a company won’t have that many or the right sizes. I saw some cute dresses that I hope may fit. So for now I have a great pair of jeans! WHEW!!!


Yesterday I participated in my first ever triathlon; which is something I never thought I would ever do. I have run countless races, both short and long but never done a bike and a swim as well; Luckily My great friend Amy told me she was going to do it a couple months ago and I thought, hey why not give it a shot! I wanted to use this year off from competing to try new fitness activities! Well I am looking for my next race now! I had SO MUCH FUN! I love a challenge; both mentally and physically.
A triathlon was/still is very new territory for me; I am used to showing up to a race with myself, my jams, and all in one outfit. But for this race you have to swim first, then transition to ride your bike; hop off the bike and then go for a run! I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR! I was running around town Saturday collecting what I hoped would suffice; I already had a swim suit, but needed long bike shorts and a top. Luckily with the bike I am using I could just wear my running shoes with it; so that helped! My goggles are also 10 plus years old from when I was a life guard during college…I’ll invest in a new pair….

We had to be there super early to put up our bikes and set up our gear so it was a 4:15 am wake up call to get there on time. The race was in Pfluggerville, Texas around Lake Pfluggerville. I was super worried about the swim, I imagined everyone jumping in at once and then getting kicked in the face, but they staggered swimmers to start them. I realized; as I was almost to the swim start, holy shit, it’s been 21 years since I’ve swum competitively, elementary school swim team! Warm lake water plus other swimmers made for what seemed like an eternity in the water; 500 m seems like a lot, but just 11 minutes later I made it back to shore. I had seen people running from the lake to their bikes so of course I wanted to fit in and ran to my bike. I dried off my legs and feet, pulled on these long nike spandex pants and took off on my bike.

I thought I was going super fast, until I heard this whirring behind me;

and on comes someone doing the olympic length on this bike that I see on the Tour de France along with the aerodynamic helmet to match. The dude was barely peddling and going what seemed like twice as fast as me. Well whatever I thought; my bike AND helmet can withstand a car crash! The ride through the Pfluggervile country side was very enjoyable; I forgot that I didn’t have any music to listen to and just worked on going as fast as I could go, and then I passed the 2 mile marker. Damn I thought I was at least 4 or 5 miles in! Oh well, 10 ish more to go!

Other than getting kicked in the face during the swim, the getting off the bike and then running. At the start of the run, you still feel like you are on the bike so my stride was super slow. When I do a race I have a rule; don’t stop, just keep going, no matter how slow I go. As I ran around the lake huffing and puffing I kept the end in sight and put one foot in front of the other until I crossed the finish line.