Life of a Fit Girl – On a Quest For The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of jeans. Jeans from different phases of my life. I have my Korean Man Jeans that I had to buy when I lived in South Korea but couldn’t fit into the women’s jeans. I have jeans that I bought during my first year of competing when my quads were barely in existence. I have dark jeans, light jeans, but never a pair of white jeans. Lately I have been living in my workout pants because, well, they fit my legs and my waist.

Well last week, with an outfit in mind for an evening out, I headed to the Galleria (During tax free weekend no less, what the f#$% was I even thinking!). I usually do well in Express but on my way there I randomly stopped into the Guess store. Right away the sales dude listened to my body issues, and started handing my jeans left and right.

Sales Dude: How Can I help you today?
Me: Well I need a pair of jeans, but I have large quads, my calves make it hard for skinny jeans to fit over, and my butt is also big but my waist is small.
Sales Dude: Ok No problem, let’s try these right here. Ill get you 2 sizes and start a room.
Me: Oh wow Ok!

As I was trying on the jeans, they kept handing me others. Most of them actually fit really well but I settled on this one pair. It was great to actually have a lot of options with jeans; usually a company won’t have that many or the right sizes. I saw some cute dresses that I hope may fit. So for now I have a great pair of jeans! WHEW!!!


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