Operation Tight Ass; A closer look on how to get those booty gains!

I have been on “Operation Tight Ass” since I started bodybuilding back in 2013; my derriere was and has been a major focus of my training. I believe that if you’re not born with it, then you have to build it! Needless to say, I have been experimenting with glute programming for quite some time and now it’s time to start sharing! So let’s take a look at your glutes and workout a program that will help you build your booty!

First, let’s dive in to the science-ish stuff to help you better understand your booty. The glutes are made up of 3 separate muscles; the Gluteus Maximus, The Gluteus Medius, and the Gluteus minimus.

The Gluteus Medius and Minimus are often forgotten about so let’s start there. The medius originates (attached at) the illium crest of the pelvis. The top of your hipbone and it inserts into the greater trochanter of the femur. Directly underneath the Medius Muscle is the Minimus. The minimus originates lower on your Pelvis (outer surface of the ilium) and also inserts into the greater trochanter of the femur.

Well what do these muscles do for you? The Glute Medius and Minimus are BOTH stabilizers of your hip joint.,..meaning they help you stand on one leg while either balancing or walking. They also play a key roll in hip abduction (moving your leg away from the body laterally/to the side).

On to that maximus muscle! The Gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your body. Well for most of us. Many people who spend their days seated and neglect exercising can experience gluteal atrophy causing the muscle to shrink in size. It is the most powerful of the three and the most superficial. Meaning it is closest to the surface. Since it is SOOO big, it has several different origins; the pelvis, sacrum, coccyx and some fascia. It inserts into the upper femur and the IT band. The Glute Max is responsible for hip extension, external rotation, hip abduction and posterior pelvic tilt ….So basically, lots of movements!

I know what you’re thinking, what exercises do I need to do then? Well let’s take a look at the best glute exercises that will help you develop a nice booty!

So when you’re diving into a glute program, you want to think if you are making that mind to muscle connection. So basically you want to meditate for a minute and get in touch with the max, med, and minimus. This connection if very important and will help you “Turn the Glutes on” when training. You never want to just go through the motions of the exercise…if you’re at the bottom of a squat you need to be thinking; “ass ass ass ass ass” or I like to yell at me clients “squeeze it!”

Best Butt Exercises (JUST A FEW!!!!)

If you are on “Operation Tight Ass” you want to focus on your glutes by adding 2-3 of these per workout.


  1. Squats – There are many different variations of the squat and even though they are not a solely glute focused movement, squats do allow you to progressively add more weight (progressive overload) which in turn will help with glute activation. I also like to add 1-2 compound movements into my glute workouts and squats are a fantastic example of one!

BUT(T) since this is a glute focused entry, let’s figure out how to make your squats more booty friendly. To ensure that you are targeting your glutes more effectively with squats, you want your feet to be place more than shoulder width apart (more into a sumo stance, oh yes that is abduction) and your toes are turned out (theres that external hip rotation I was talking about!!!)  At the top of the movement, you ALSO want to extend your hips fully and squeeze your butt. At this point in the exercise the glutes are flexed or shortened, so fucking squeeze!

Here’s a squat video where I am using a kettlebell (feel free to use a barbell, dumbbells, or even no weight!!!!). My feet are turned out and more than shoulder width apart. I am fully extending my hips while squeezing my butt at the top or the end of the movement. When doing this type of glute focused squat, don’t worry about using a lot of weight; you want to be able to get your glutes activated so light to medium amount of weight will work perfectly!

Check This Video Out!



  1.  You’ve been seeing people do these in the gym, they look like they are humping a barbell and you think it looks funny, but actually they are ahead of the glute game. Hip thrusts are a very effective, glute exercise. These can be done with a barbell across your hips or with a band around your legs with your back elevated on a bench or a box. The main glute activation occurs when the hips are fully extended and glutes are shortened. (At the top of the hip thrust movement).

Here is a video:



  1. Single Leg Deadlifts – You can start your program off by doing these without weight and then progressing to holding a dumbbell or kettlebell in your hand. Hold the weight in the opposite hand of the leg you are deadlifting. This exercise is fantastic for glute activiation because it is a unilateral movement, meaning one sided. You can really focus on activating one glute at a time!

Here is a video:



  1. Single Leg Squat – Another unilateral movement that will effectively target your glutes as well as doing different single leg movements will help you target different parts of your glutes. There are many different variations of the single leg squat.

Here are a few Single Leg Squat Variations:



  1. Glute Bridge – This movement is different that the hip thrust as it is performed while lying on your back on the ground.  This can be performed with body weight only as well as adding a band around your knees for added difficulty. You can place your feet at different widths to vary your movement, and also don’t forget to turn out those toes. When Hips are extended fully at the top of the movement, make sure to engage your glutes!

Here is a video:


Happy Booty Building!  If you have any questions or need some assistance, feel free to contact me today!