Life Of A Fit Girl – Fit Girl In Prep Mode

I started competing in 2013 and by the end of 2015 I had competed in 10 shows. I decided to take a year or so off to give myself a break as well as focus on business and to travel (my other hobby). During my year off I ran in 3 triathlons, several 10 mile races, traveled to 6 countries, judged 4 major Fitness Shows, built a new website (with help of course), built a bigger clientele base, as well as have begun to grow more in the Wellness side of the Fitness industry. But now it’s time to dust off my hooker heels and get back on stage. I decided to shoot for a show sometime in the summer so I am beginning the mental preparation to get back into that ultra focused mode. I keep going back to competing because it is a goal that I can conquer. I know that when I set my sights on a show/goal there is absolutely nothing that will get in my way or keep me from my goals. It’s like I have blinders on. If I go out on a date; it better not be to a restaurant….at family events I have to bring my own food or watch my family eat…I have to plan in advance to go do things to make sure I can time my meals right or bring them with me. I have even gone on a pub-crawl with a Tupper-wear container of food and drank water the whole time. DEDICATION, but still having a life.


Prepping for a show is absolutely the toughest thing I could ever do with my life (So Far). The focus, the dedication, the commitment, the time needed to reach the stage is so much that it becomes like a 2nd full time job. People see the finished product when you step on stage but do they really understand all the behind the scenes work that is done? Absolutely not.   Who wants to know all the work that is done to get on stage? It’s an easy thing right?


Let me paint a super small picture for you; everyday I have to figure out when to complete my cardio hours, when I should eat my meals, lift weights, practice posing. But then I also have to work! I have to adjust my workout schedule to accommodate all my clients; I still have to earn money and help my clients with their goals! Each day I have to deal with reschedules, making new meal plans, signing up potential clients, facilitating wellness sessions and when you’re on a show prep diet, your brain function is lower that even counting reps can be challenging.


Closer to a show I have to start to write things down to make sure I don’t forget them or go through my texts at the end of each day and make sure I didn’t forget to text any one back. The FOG brain is real.  Those low carb days are tough! I even try to limit my driving because I am not at all pleasant on the road.


My Goal of 2017 was to see what I built during my year off and of course beat my 2015 body. Whatever package I bring to the stage will be to beat my former self; not to compare to what some other girl looks like. If I look back at where I was and what I looked like at my first show, that is where I started. My journey is my journey; meaning not everyone on stage next to me had an decade long struggle with eating, not everyone on stage had to build their physique from scratch. (I had barely any muscle when I started and now look at where I am.) Keep making strides for my own growth; How Can I Make Myself Better, on stage and off stage. 2017 is a year of forward progress for me. Now Let me get to my cardio!