I woke up this morning ready to go workout, but I had to choose from my three memberships that I have (yes I know, 3 may seem like a lot but I can justify all; the gym I train/work at, well duh I have to have, I have a 24 hour fitness membership, which I’ve had for almost 8 years and almost gave it up but with show prep around the corner I’m going to need the 24 hour access to a gym for those weird hours of cardio, and my newest membership is LA Fitness, which I got since it’s close by work gym and sometimes I need a change of scenery for pumpin’ some iron). My original plan was to go to 24, but I forgot my workout towels so then I started heading to Lah-Lah fitness but then I thought oh wait what if my stalkers there? Shit, off to work gym I go.

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