Life Of A Fit Girl – Gym Encounters

I woke up this morning ready to go workout, but I had to choose from my three memberships that I have (yes I know, 3 may seem like a lot but I can justify all; the gym I train/work at, well duh I have to have, I have a 24 hour fitness membership, which I’ve had for almost 8 years and almost gave it up but with show prep around the corner I’m going to need the 24 hour access to a gym for those weird hours of cardio, and my newest membership is LA Fitness, which I got since it’s close by work gym and sometimes I need a change of scenery for pumpin’ some iron). My original plan was to go to 24, but I forgot my workout towels so then I started heading to Lah-Lah fitness but then I thought oh wait what if my stalkers there? Shit, off to work gym I go.

I actually had the displeasure to meet my social media stalker yesterday at LA fitness. It started a couple months ago when this guy messages me to go for post workout smoothies (??) on LinkedIn. Is LinkedIn the new I ignored the message but then he messaged me again; which I promptly screen shot and texted my fitsister Amy, because this was beginning to get weird!

I guess ignoring doesn’t help the situation because he found my business Facebook page and sent me a message on that. Now that made me mad, because if you don’t respond it shows your responsiveness to potential clients so I had to block him from that page which I thought was a total block from my account…nope!

A few days later he friend requested me! Oh lord! I thought…doesn’t this guy get the hint from ignoring all messages? Well now he’s blocked, and I thought I was done with this dude. I mean am right to think that this is weird and not normal?

Saturday started off with a meeting pretty early and I don’t like to get up at 4 am on the weekends so I packed my gym bag to train after the meeting. I hit LA fitness around 1030 and did my HIIT cardio plus some stair master. It was Legs and Back day for me so I headed to the free weights and started with some lunges and dumbbell rows.

When I workout, I keep my head down, music on so I stay focused. All of a sudden I see this guy coming over to me and he’s clearly coming to talk to me…then I looked at him as was like FUCK it’s that Austin David (no i didn’t change his name) stalker dude.

AD-hello! I thought I’d come over and introduce myself.

Me to myself: why the fuck would you want to introduce yourself after I ignored and blocked all your messages.

Me to AD: oh ok. Hello

Me to myself: oh my god what do I do.

AD to Me: I just got this membership to LA. How about you?

Me to myself: mother fucker I’m going to have to go workout at planet fitness now.

Me to stalker: oh just a few months ago, it’s pretty nice.

Me to myself: talk in short sentences Lauren.

Stalker to me: well I just moved to Houston and looking to meet new people.

Me to stalker: so messaging a girl on multiple accounts is how you meet people?

Stalker to me: I thought I’d introduce myself so you know I’m not weird or anything.

Me to myself: uh you’re even weirder now.

Stalker to me: well I guess I’ll be seeing you around!

Me to weirdo: oh yah ok.

Me to myself: fuck.

I wish I could make some of this stuff up that happens to me! I mean before he was just some weirdo on the internet but now he’s just creep since he came over to me. I’m not one to cause a scene and I didn’t necessarily feel like he was a threat since we were in a public place but if I see him again I’m running the other direction. #lifeofafitgirl #gym #gymencounters


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