How Fit Girl Dates Fit Boy Parts 3 and 4.


Time to revisit Fit Boy and the ongoing saga (yes this seems like it will be a never ending story).  If you’ve missed parts 1 and 2, i promise they are a short, semi-entertaining read.

Sooo, I have had quite a block from writing. Sometimes it’s tough to sit down and express myself and what I am feeling in a written form! So Fit Boy’s story has been left hanging and now it’s time to bring it to a close, well at least for this week! Things have been progressing for me both personally and professionally. Even through my disaster I call a “dating life” I feel I have grown; figuring out what I am looking for in a potential mate, not wasting my time with the emotionally unavailable men, letting go of the emotionally draining/needy guys and still growing as a strong, independent (i know cliched) woman.  I’ve let men control me (and not in the hot and sexy way), lie to me, treat me like just shit, but all part of the learning process right?! (well, that’s what my mother keeps telling me.)


Being in the health /fitness industry is both awesome yet daunting at the same time. In a male dominated world, my hustle game has to be strong as well as me being confident in the business I am building! We fitness gals need a man that understands the entrepreneurial lifestyle of a trainer AND a competitor (“Uh I don’t like the idea of you going on stage in a bikini”…called controlling dude), leads a healthy lifestyle, and someone who makes us laugh while being on a low carb diet!  The picture I chose for this particular blog was of course on purpose; i feel it encompasses who i am.




I last left my Fit Boy story off when he started lazy texting me and bombarding me with selfies.

After a while of this type of daily interaction, I started to think, “oh my god is this what I am going to look forward to everyday?” “Have I become immune to the male form or am I just sick of seeing him?” I just feel that there should be more to a relationship than just how you look. Yes its great that we both have competing in common, but honestly looking like you are show ready is super hard to maintain and I kept thinking, well what about me in the off season? Will he like my fluff?

I have discovered through my fitness journey I love the person that I have evolved into, but I am more than just a trainer and a competitor. I don’t want to look stage ready all year (Like fuck I am going to diet and do show prep cardio 365 days a year!!!). I want a significant other that knows a healthy lifestyle is important but isn’t obsessed. I know that competing can be obsessive but it is not everything!

I also felt a turn with his interactions; a girl can tell, so i shouldn’t have been surprised right?  But I guess I didn’t expect it in the middle of the night.

So one night,  I was asleep, because well it was 3 am and he sent me a break up text. (I do remember the day because I had to get up super early to run a race on July 4th…Weird how that shit happens). Well I was asleep, obviously, but I woke up around 430 to find that text. (Texting to break up is like how Carrie Bradshaw was broken up with on a post it note.) Just saying. Well needless to say, I ran super fast in the hottest fucking race I have ever run, as I was slightly angry and of course I didn’t respond because it was 4 ish in the morning. (What the fuck is up with these early texts?,… taco boy!!!) Upon completion of that hot as Fuck race I find that he had sent me text after text that morning while i was sweating my entire body weight out.  And because I didn’t respond, he seemed up set (UH Dude can’t have the respond train only go your way) He just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t mad and was ok. (???????????)

Uh dude, nah, I am upset, it’s ok for me to be upset, and you can’t just send a break up text and expect me to be perfectly fine??? Eff that!

So thinking that our relationship is ‘over’ I keep on keeping on. Life must go on! So as part 3 ends, I will just dive right into part 4 because Fit Boy continues to pop into my life when I least expect it.

Why just the other day I received some texts from him….a couple of selfies (progress photos… maybe??? Or the seeking of reassurance on how big his lats are? Or ego stroke…”oh my god you’re so big now” is not the response i gave) and him telling me he will be competing soon. Of course I wished him good luck! Let bygones be bygones…I of course keep my inward thoughts in the parentheses! He then asked me if I was dating anyone; as I am not, I said no. Fit Boy (who has a current girlfriend) apparently was amazed that I am single (uh, im fine with it!); and proceeded to inform me that if we are ever single at the same time; he is coming for me. Uh what the fuck does that mean? I of course have sugar coated this whole debacle of a ‘relationship’ but I am not one that will revisit an epic fail of a relationship. Whatever I thought; maybe he will finally leave me alone; BUT OH NO!!!


The same evening….I received a full frontal nude + dick pic; followed several minutes later by an apology text. Apparently one of his friends got on his phone and sent that picture to me. “Uh first of all, what guy does that to another guy? And I would NEVER do that to a friend!” Somewhat fishy and no I didn’t believe him! Let’s just say that I was extremely embarrassed for him; if I myself were a huge dick I could send that pic all over the internet! I did not appreciate it, even if it was a “mistake” !!! Let’s move on Fit Boy, even single I am not available to you!!!


Hopefully this is ONLY a 4 parter!


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How Fit Girl Dates Taco Boy

Ok, so even though it has been awhile since I have written a “How To Date A Fit Girl” blog, never fear I have been out there collecting stories. Dating these days has been exhausting on top of training for competitions and working full time.   Recently I started talking to a new boy, who we will call “Taco Boy” as you will find out later. …

First date with Taco Boy; we met for brunch. I have found that most guys will ask me if I have certain dietary preferences; but Taco Boy did not. He suggested Brunch places that had absolutely no option that I could eat; as even during a cheat day I do not fried food. So I suggested a couple different options that had a wide variety of options that could please anyone. I used to be afraid of making what I eat a big deal, but for me it really is a big deal!

So brunch…(had to make it kind of early as I had another date that evening lol). Taco Boy was very nice and he had recently been to Thailand so we had a lot to talk about. He also asked me about eating/food…is what my partner eats a big deal to me? I said no; what my partner eats doesn’t bother me, but they also have to accept the fact that I eat a super clean diet and lately I haven’t even been eating meat…

Fit Girl: “no, what my partner eats doesn’t bother me BUT fast food does. I absolutely cannot stand fast food; I hate the smell of it and I think its just gross! I have seen too many people already that have suffered/suffering from heart disease because of their bad eating habits“

Taco Boy: “Ok ok,, I gotcha. I don’t really eat fast food. I agree with you, I mean I eat healthy most of the time, I am just getting back into it. “

(Insert internal eye roll here) The problem with my job is I feel some guys quickly turn me into their own personal trainer, like you don’t have to tell me when you go to the gym and please, PLEASE don’t “Promise” me that you’re just getting “back” into it. Back into what? For Fuck’s sake you sound like some of my clients.

Well Whatever, I brushed off the food part of the convo and we made plans to meet up, but then…Harvery and I was stuck on vacation; I know I know, poor me.

Ok so back from South America! Leading up to our second time meeting; we talk a few times after work on the phone. On a Wednesday I think:

Taco Boy: hey, how was your day?

Fit Girl: Hey! It was great, busy day and –

Taco Boy: Oh Hang on a Sec…

Fit Girl: Oh ok (Thinking he had to take another call)

Taco Bell Drive Thru Worker: Hi welcome to taco bell, what can I get for you?

Taco Boy: I’d like a number 3 and a number (what ever is for nachos) and a coke

Taco Bell Drive Through Worker: Ok that will be blah blah dollars. Please pull forward.

Taco Boy: Ok sorry I am back; how was your day?

Fit Girl: You at Taco Bell?

Taco Boy: Wait, You heard that?!

Fit Girl: Uh….Yes…

Taco Boy: oh man well I thought I put you on mute. I didn’t want you to hear me.  And how did you know I was at Taco Bell.

Fit Girl: Oh well the mute didn’t work and where else can you get drive through nachos? Kind of narrowed down the fast food joints.

Fit Girl to Fit Girl: WTF! (Insert bad facial diarrhea here, aka my stank face) Did this dude really just order fast food on the phone with me??? He should have just called me back instead of 1. Trying to put me on mute and 2. Trying to hide him ordering fast food and 3. I even put I DON’T EAT TACOS on my profile just to be forthright and honest.  I hate Tacos.  That’s my opinion and my choice so i don’t care what anyone thinks.

What I don’t understand is dating is dating, we are both out here trying to find a significant other that we are compatible with as well as someone you can be truthful and honest with. So If I am honest and expressing myself about my habits and what I don’t like; then fuck be honest and say that you do eat fast food every now and then or several days a week as it seems to be his case.

Well Thursday OR the very next day rolls around and Taco Boy gives me a call:

Taco Boy: “Blah blah….Telling me about a story with his co worker and how the co worker is so lazy and takes all these breaks during the day:

Fit Girl: Oh wow that sucks, I can’t believe –

Taco Boy: Oh hang on a sec – Phone Mutes

Fit Girl to Fit Girl: wait….is this fucker muting me again??

Taco Boy: (Several minutes later…I should have just fucking hung up) “Ok sorry about that”

Fit Girl: “Where are you at now…Burger King?”

Taco Boy: “Wait did the mute not work again?”

Fit Girl: No, it worked I was just assuming you were at burger king.

Taco Boy: No I am at Popeyes. I start Monday eating healthy.

Fit Girl Major eye roll and internal groan – why is it always “i’ll start monday????”

Taco Boy: yah I am going to start going to the gym again on Monday.

Fit Girl: Oh Ok cool (What the Fuck else am I supposed to say. I am NOT his trainer!!!!!!!!)

So then I start getting awoken by 4 am texts just letting me know he’s going to the gym. You know, sometimes I don’t have to get up to 430 or 5 even so now he’s fucking with my sleep…Thanks Taco Boy! This is doomed.



I have been on my fitness journey for 4.5 years now. It has been a whirlwind of high points as well as I have still hit many low points. In those 4.5 years I have quit one career, started a new one, trained for 12 bodybuilding shows, earned my Physique Pro card, graduated with my Master’s Degree, started my own Personal Training company, started a Meal Prep Class, and now I have begun a new chapter as being a more formal health coach.


My journey has been far from perfect; the problem is the industry that I work in. The fitness industry is CUTTHROAT! Everyone is judging you basically on how you look almost everyday…so am I not supposed to have bad hair days, or zits, or weird pockets of fat? Well I do, I am human and I am also a woman! I go through the same hormonal ups and downs, I wake up so early for work that I am lucky if I can get my hair into a pony tail and yes I am in my 30s and still get acne! I don’t have as much cellulite as I used to, but there is still some there…. (which is why operation tight ass is an ongoing operation).


I recently trained and competed in 2 shows this past summer. The training was hard and as always engulfed my whole life for 4 months. After the shows some weird stuff started happening to my body and my weight and BF shot up really fast even though I was reverse dieting. So when I did this photo shoot, I was not feeling my sexiest. The day of I was bloated, which is a super perfect feeling for when you are doing a bathing suit photo shoot. But, I have learned to embrace what God gave me; I am a curvy girl who would much rather be strong than skinny. I usually sit at around 165 pounds now, give or take 5-123352 pounds depending (JK).  I take pride in when people recognize my hard work so when a member of my family, yes a member of my family gave me such a negative response to this set of photos that it took me a couple days to even post them since I was unsure of how they looked.

Lesson learned, even family opinions don’t matter.  I mean just the other day someone assumed I was a personal trainer and after I said “yes”, they said oh I knew because you look like it. I even get asked “Do you crossfit?” which I find complimentary since those girls are bosses in the weight room. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to build what I have built.   Everyone’s journeys are different; we all have different goals and our bodies are all built differently. It takes some people more time than others to reach your goals but don’t let that discourage you. I am still at the beginning of my journey and no idea where My Life as a Fit Girl will take me!



Life Of A Fit Girl – Fit Girl In Prep Mode

I started competing in 2013 and by the end of 2015 I had competed in 10 shows. I decided to take a year or so off to give myself a break as well as focus on business and to travel (my other hobby). During my year off I ran in 3 triathlons, several 10 mile races, traveled to 6 countries, judged 4 major Fitness Shows, built a new website (with help of course), built a bigger clientele base, as well as have begun to grow more in the Wellness side of the Fitness industry. But now it’s time to dust off my hooker heels and get back on stage. I decided to shoot for a show sometime in the summer so I am beginning the mental preparation to get back into that ultra focused mode. I keep going back to competing because it is a goal that I can conquer. I know that when I set my sights on a show/goal there is absolutely nothing that will get in my way or keep me from my goals. It’s like I have blinders on. If I go out on a date; it better not be to a restaurant….at family events I have to bring my own food or watch my family eat…I have to plan in advance to go do things to make sure I can time my meals right or bring them with me. I have even gone on a pub-crawl with a Tupper-wear container of food and drank water the whole time. DEDICATION, but still having a life.


Prepping for a show is absolutely the toughest thing I could ever do with my life (So Far). The focus, the dedication, the commitment, the time needed to reach the stage is so much that it becomes like a 2nd full time job. People see the finished product when you step on stage but do they really understand all the behind the scenes work that is done? Absolutely not.   Who wants to know all the work that is done to get on stage? It’s an easy thing right?


Let me paint a super small picture for you; everyday I have to figure out when to complete my cardio hours, when I should eat my meals, lift weights, practice posing. But then I also have to work! I have to adjust my workout schedule to accommodate all my clients; I still have to earn money and help my clients with their goals! Each day I have to deal with reschedules, making new meal plans, signing up potential clients, facilitating wellness sessions and when you’re on a show prep diet, your brain function is lower that even counting reps can be challenging.


Closer to a show I have to start to write things down to make sure I don’t forget them or go through my texts at the end of each day and make sure I didn’t forget to text any one back. The FOG brain is real.  Those low carb days are tough! I even try to limit my driving because I am not at all pleasant on the road.


My Goal of 2017 was to see what I built during my year off and of course beat my 2015 body. Whatever package I bring to the stage will be to beat my former self; not to compare to what some other girl looks like. If I look back at where I was and what I looked like at my first show, that is where I started. My journey is my journey; meaning not everyone on stage next to me had an decade long struggle with eating, not everyone on stage had to build their physique from scratch. (I had barely any muscle when I started and now look at where I am.) Keep making strides for my own growth; How Can I Make Myself Better, on stage and off stage. 2017 is a year of forward progress for me. Now Let me get to my cardio!