Realistic Expectations of Yourself


I have been on my fitness journey for 4.5 years now. It has been a whirlwind of high points as well as I have still hit many low points. In those 4.5 years I have quit one career, started a new one, trained for 12 bodybuilding shows, earned my Physique Pro card, graduated with my Master’s Degree, started my own Personal Training company, started a Meal Prep Class, and now I have begun a new chapter as being a more formal health coach.


My journey has been far from perfect; the problem is the industry that I work in. The fitness industry is CUTTHROAT! Everyone is judging you basically on how you look almost everyday…so am I not supposed to have bad hair days, or zits, or weird pockets of fat? Well I do, I am human and I am also a woman! I go through the same hormonal ups and downs, I wake up so early for work that I am lucky if I can get my hair into a pony tail and yes I am in my 30s and still get acne! I don’t have as much cellulite as I used to, but there is still some there…. (which is why operation tight ass is an ongoing operation).


I recently trained and competed in 2 shows this past summer. The training was hard and as always engulfed my whole life for 4 months. After the shows some weird stuff started happening to my body and my weight and BF shot up really fast even though I was reverse dieting. So when I did this photo shoot, I was not feeling my sexiest. The day of I was bloated, which is a super perfect feeling for when you are doing a bathing suit photo shoot. But, I have learned to embrace what God gave me; I am a curvy girl who would much rather be strong than skinny. I usually sit at around 165 pounds now, give or take 5-123352 pounds depending (JK).  I take pride in when people recognize my hard work so when a member of my family, yes a member of my family gave me such a negative response to this set of photos that it took me a couple days to even post them since I was unsure of how they looked.

Lesson learned, even family opinions don’t matter.  I mean just the other day someone assumed I was a personal trainer and after I said “yes”, they said oh I knew because you look like it. I even get asked “Do you crossfit?” which I find complimentary since those girls are bosses in the weight room. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to build what I have built.   Everyone’s journeys are different; we all have different goals and our bodies are all built differently. It takes some people more time than others to reach your goals but don’t let that discourage you. I am still at the beginning of my journey and no idea where My Life as a Fit Girl will take me!




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