How Fit Girl Tries To Date A Taco Boy


How Fit Girl Dates Taco Boy

Ok, so even though it has been awhile since I have written a “How To Date A Fit Girl” blog, never fear I have been out there collecting stories. Dating these days has been exhausting on top of training for competitions and working full time.   Recently I started talking to a new boy, who we will call “Taco Boy” as you will find out later. …

First date with Taco Boy; we met for brunch. I have found that most guys will ask me if I have certain dietary preferences; but Taco Boy did not. He suggested Brunch places that had absolutely no option that I could eat; as even during a cheat day I do not fried food. So I suggested a couple different options that had a wide variety of options that could please anyone. I used to be afraid of making what I eat a big deal, but for me it really is a big deal!

So brunch…(had to make it kind of early as I had another date that evening lol). Taco Boy was very nice and he had recently been to Thailand so we had a lot to talk about. He also asked me about eating/food…is what my partner eats a big deal to me? I said no; what my partner eats doesn’t bother me, but they also have to accept the fact that I eat a super clean diet and lately I haven’t even been eating meat…

Fit Girl: “no, what my partner eats doesn’t bother me BUT fast food does. I absolutely cannot stand fast food; I hate the smell of it and I think its just gross! I have seen too many people already that have suffered/suffering from heart disease because of their bad eating habits“

Taco Boy: “Ok ok,, I gotcha. I don’t really eat fast food. I agree with you, I mean I eat healthy most of the time, I am just getting back into it. “

(Insert internal eye roll here) The problem with my job is I feel some guys quickly turn me into their own personal trainer, like you don’t have to tell me when you go to the gym and please, PLEASE don’t “Promise” me that you’re just getting “back” into it. Back into what? For Fuck’s sake you sound like some of my clients.

Well Whatever, I brushed off the food part of the convo and we made plans to meet up, but then…Harvery and I was stuck on vacation; I know I know, poor me.

Ok so back from South America! Leading up to our second time meeting; we talk a few times after work on the phone. On a Wednesday I think:

Taco Boy: hey, how was your day?

Fit Girl: Hey! It was great, busy day and –

Taco Boy: Oh Hang on a Sec…

Fit Girl: Oh ok (Thinking he had to take another call)

Taco Bell Drive Thru Worker: Hi welcome to taco bell, what can I get for you?

Taco Boy: I’d like a number 3 and a number (what ever is for nachos) and a coke

Taco Bell Drive Through Worker: Ok that will be blah blah dollars. Please pull forward.

Taco Boy: Ok sorry I am back; how was your day?

Fit Girl: You at Taco Bell?

Taco Boy: Wait, You heard that?!

Fit Girl: Uh….Yes…

Taco Boy: oh man well I thought I put you on mute. I didn’t want you to hear me.  And how did you know I was at Taco Bell.

Fit Girl: Oh well the mute didn’t work and where else can you get drive through nachos? Kind of narrowed down the fast food joints.

Fit Girl to Fit Girl: WTF! (Insert bad facial diarrhea here, aka my stank face) Did this dude really just order fast food on the phone with me??? He should have just called me back instead of 1. Trying to put me on mute and 2. Trying to hide him ordering fast food and 3. I even put I DON’T EAT TACOS on my profile just to be forthright and honest.  I hate Tacos.  That’s my opinion and my choice so i don’t care what anyone thinks.

What I don’t understand is dating is dating, we are both out here trying to find a significant other that we are compatible with as well as someone you can be truthful and honest with. So If I am honest and expressing myself about my habits and what I don’t like; then fuck be honest and say that you do eat fast food every now and then or several days a week as it seems to be his case.

Well Thursday OR the very next day rolls around and Taco Boy gives me a call:

Taco Boy: “Blah blah….Telling me about a story with his co worker and how the co worker is so lazy and takes all these breaks during the day:

Fit Girl: Oh wow that sucks, I can’t believe –

Taco Boy: Oh hang on a sec – Phone Mutes

Fit Girl to Fit Girl: wait….is this fucker muting me again??

Taco Boy: (Several minutes later…I should have just fucking hung up) “Ok sorry about that”

Fit Girl: “Where are you at now…Burger King?”

Taco Boy: “Wait did the mute not work again?”

Fit Girl: No, it worked I was just assuming you were at burger king.

Taco Boy: No I am at Popeyes. I start Monday eating healthy.

Fit Girl Major eye roll and internal groan – why is it always “i’ll start monday????”

Taco Boy: yah I am going to start going to the gym again on Monday.

Fit Girl: Oh Ok cool (What the Fuck else am I supposed to say. I am NOT his trainer!!!!!!!!)

So then I start getting awoken by 4 am texts just letting me know he’s going to the gym. You know, sometimes I don’t have to get up to 430 or 5 even so now he’s fucking with my sleep…Thanks Taco Boy! This is doomed.


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