How To Date A Fit Girl? – Mr. Jiu Jitsu

So in keeping up with the times and my inability to meet a guy the “normal” way…you know at work or at all the happy hours I attend…I’ve turned to the fire app AKA Tinder. Swiping is a new thing for me, but hey How To Date A Fit Girl is going to get really interesting!

So let’s call this guy Jiu Jitsu..JJ for short. If you know about tinder you know both parties have to swipe right for there to be a conversation allowed. So JJ and I both swiped right and started texting. JJ is 40 ish dude from somewhere in the burbs of Houston that does something with computers. We chatted for a bit on the app, found out some things we have in common and how he likes to practice/compete in Jiu Jitsu. As someone who is living an active lifestyle I prefer guys who are also active. I (as you will later read in a many part post, I don’t need/want to date a bodybuilder) have found that a guy won’t understand why you want to skip out on a happy hour to go for a run or why you can’t eat that bacon hamburger

😜 if they aren’t active in some sort of way. Being a Fit Girl requires dedication!

I thought Jiu Jitsu sounded like a pretty cool hobby as well as JJ loved to travel, he seemed down to earth, he didn’t wait 24 hours to text back or text in rapid succession of i couldn’t return a text.

One Friday night, (in my new Guess jeans) and a new pair of heals I hopped in an Uber and headed to a restaurant downtown. I thought my hair was on point and I had done a fairly decent job blending my eye shadow. (I bought a kit that shows you wear to put the colors but I still struggle sometimes).

We meet at the entrance and get walked to our table. And So dinner starts, and it’s a little awkward at first but soon we started talking and we ordered. This can be weird when you order anything that is remotely healthy on a Mexican restaurants menu. Pollo a la Plancha pour moi and didn’t get any comments or feedback about what he was ordering compared to my choice or wow do you always eat healthy…etc etc.

We started Sharing about work and life; he told me about his job, did not understand it, as well as Jiu Jitsu. I thought it was pretty cool that he competes and he seemed to take it pretty seriously. So when asked about my job/life I started to talk about competing…

What’s there to tell, I mean yes I get on stage in a sparkly bikini. Yes I am sometimes wearing clear stripper heals and yes I did do bodybuilding last year in Las Vegas and NO I don’t take any performance enhancers.

I have to be honest and I can’t tell someone I just do bikini, but I did say that I do figure physique and recently did bodybuilding. He asked a few questions about the difference but Man as soon as I said it, he got kinda weird.

JJ: oh man I don’t know what you think of me…I am sitting over here with like 17% body fat
Me: I think you look great (I mean I saw his profile, and I swiped right…right?!)
JJ: I mean I used to weigh about #### but now I’m ####.
Me: Oh, uh (who cares! I don’t even know how much I weigh!!!)
JJ: You must be used to seeing guys that are like 5%
Me: well yes but those guys don’t really appeal to me. There’s not enough mirror space for 2 body builders in one house hold (ha ha??).
JJ: well I hope some of it still appeals to you.
Me: ha ha (well yes, I am attracted to men…I mean there are other ways to set your profile up to)

Well crash and burn….I tried to change the subject but dinner was over and I had to be at work early so we said goodbye and I Ubered home. (I hate driving to and parking in downtown. ). Haven’t heard from him since, so, On to the next one!


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