Hot To Date a Fit Girl – How A Fit Girl Tries To Date a Fit Boy?

Let’s skip to the end first. Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie was broken up with on a post-it note by the guy Berger she was dating? He wrote her a break up note on a post-it in the middle of the night and left before she woke up. Well in our more techno savvy era an equivalent of a post-it note would be a TEXT, and not just a text during the day, but one in the middle of the night when the sender knows you are asleep and won’t be able to answer till later.
Part 1 of maybe 2 or 3

Fit Boy and I met, of course at a gym. I had never dated a guy that was also into fitness shows/competing before and thought, hey, we have a common interest right?! Maybe this guy won’t think I’m too dedicated like others claim I am. We met about 2 months before my last set of shows. He was gearing up for a couple shows as well so our first semi-date was at an LA Fitness. Fit Boy and I started out by going on dates at the gym on the weekends. I usually don’t work out with anyone and found it to be fun yet challenging to workout with a guy that doesn’t mind spotting you when you squat or also pushes you to lift some extra reps or even teach you some new exercises. After competing for several years and having multiple failed “dates” I thought I had met someone that had a lot in common with me.

The thing about competing is that EVERYDAY you have to eat your specific meals for that day, do you cardio, weight lift, AND practice posing all along with working your regular job, which for me is personal training. It is very difficult to meet someone that can relate/even support to this kind of lifestyle. Obviously Whiskey and Bacon thought I was too dedicated. So when you start talking to a guy who also meal preps, is also dedicated at the gym and to doing cardio, it is exciting!

So, after our weight training sessions, I started to encourage Fit Boy to practice posing with me…Fit Girl…

I found out soon enough, that I shouldn’t have even bothered bringing my posing shoes when we “practiced.” In the Group Class Room with the mirrors we would practice; I would try to go through my quarter turns in (quarter turns are mandatory Figure/Physique/Bodybuilding poses; front pose, side, back, side, to Front Again) but was always interrupted:

Fit Boy: “hey how does this look”
Fit Boy: “Should I add this pose to my routine?”
Fit Boy: “Wait…Watch my routine again with it and then without and let me know which one looks best”
Fit Gal: Ok yah that second one looks good.
Fit Boy: “wait, wait, wait; I messed up let me start again”
Fit Boy: “Maybe I should add this side pose instead?”
Semi-hangry Fit Girl: Sure that looks good
Fit Boy: “Ok, let me start over”

(I should have just charged for a posing lesson, looking back. $50 bucks for 30 minutes would have added up fast. I could have paid for a new posing suit at least…)
BUT here’s where I am Starting to learn…never was I asked, “hey let me see your routine.” Sometimes I would just do it anyways but well he was always looking at himself in the mirror. I get a glance thrown my way by him when I could peel his eyes away from his semi-hard abs. Hmmm, a girl in a sports bra, booty shorts and clear stripper heals sure did make all the other guys stop and look in the room but not him?

Lesson Learned Thus Far: Fit Boy and the mirror…inseparable. #fitness #fitgil


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