Hit By A Car!!!

Went out for my first training 10 mile ride this morning…and was hit by a car! The lady driving was looking down and unable to swerve as I was going fast I braked and fell on her hood (I hope I left a dent).

Our conversation:
Bad driver: oh I’m so sorry I looked and I didn’t see you
Victim rider: that’s because you were looking down!
Bad driver: oh my husband just died
Victim rider: well that doesn’t mean you should kill me!
Bad driver: I’m so sorry my husband just died
Me: just pay attention when you drive.

Hit by a car or not I finished my ride and then went for a run! Glad I wore a helmet and I know it could have been worse.
My run was not easy! It was really difficult to run after the 10 mile ride. I ran a 5k but had to do a run walk. I’ve got a lot of work to do before the sprint triathlon in August.


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