How To Stop Mindless Eating – Tips For Success!



Tips For Success!

Mindless eating and snacking is a major battle for many people.  Hurricane Harvey was especially hard, with the inability to go anywhere or do anything EXCEPT eat! Speaking to my clients upon our return to a regular gym routine, most were upfront and honest; “just letting you know I did nothing for over a week, well except eat.” Hey, hurricanes happen! But let’s get back to our goals and learn how to overcome mindless eating!


Mindless eating or bad eating behaviors come from our already bad habits, daily routines, and crazy schedules. Many people eat their food without even thinking about it. Have you ever opened a bag of chips while sitting in front of the TV and realized half the bag is gone but don’t remember eating all those chips?!! This is our unconscious mind telling us to eat. I remember always getting a package of Sour Patch Kids before watching a movie at theater and usually I would finish it before the previews were over. I sometimes would even go a get another box…just because I felt like I had to be eating it while watching the movie!

Our emotions sometimes cause mindless eating; have you ever felt upset or depressed and you turned to food to help you feel better? That pint of ice cream is not going to make you feel better!

There is hope, I promise! The best way to start to overcome your mindless eating habits is to create new habits or change your already existing ones to make it harder to snack.


Meal planning is not just about sticking to a balanced nutrition plan, it’s about being prepared! How many times have you not packed your lunch/snacks and found yourself in front of the vending machine at work or ordering a quick unhealthy meal from the cafeteria? Having your meals with you everyday helps you to eliminate those bad food decisions as well as the temptation.


As a Wellness coach, one of the services I offer is a Pantry Consultation. Here I go into your pantry and refrigerator and throw out all the unhealthy snacks and foods that will tempt you into mindless eating.   If you don’t have it in your home, then you won’t be able to eat it! As someone who struggled with an eating disorder, this tip is key to my success. If you don’t buy it, then you won’t eat it.


Portion sizes are OUT OF CONTROL! King size that, Super Size this…everything is served to us as if it was our last meal EVER! We personally can control our portion sizes. When portioning out your meals, fill at least half of the plate or bowl with veggies. Veggies are high in fiber and will help you feel full as well as slows down the digestion process to help you feel fuller longer. When eating out at a restaurant don’t be tempted to eat the whole meal; make it a habit to cut the meal in half and take the rest home to eat for another meal.



Mindless eating can’t be cured overnight! It is time to be aware of our eating and strive to be healthier one day at a time! If you need guidance from a Nutrition Specialist, then I am here to help! Not only do I create customized meal plans for you, but I help you learn healthy habits and set new goals! Don’t wait any longer! Email





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