Hot To Date a Fit Girl – How A Fit Girl Tries To Date a Fit Boy? pt.2

So my last revelation was Fit Boy and the Mirror. As the show I was training for crept closer, the training becomes more and more intense, you spend more hours in the gym; cardio, train, cardio, pose, eat, cardio, cardio, cardio! It was nice for a change to have someone that could relate to the struggle of show prep. With his show looming as well going out to eat was not really an option. We would workout, go see a movie, play Putt Putt golf, and even go-karting. Things that are fun, yet don’t revolve around food! You realize when dieting for a show that it seems like EVERYTHING you do with friends or family is food related.
After several weeks went by, I actually started telling people I was dating someone; which I never do. I figured the mirror thing was due to the competition prep…

Having a significant other to text with is always nice, the day seems to go by in a more positive note; someone to talk with about the happenings in the gym or stuff that happens with clients, and but getting a daily morning selfie from your man friend with his shirt off in the bathroom at his house or his gym…???? It was like clock work. I’d hear a buzz and knew it what it said:
Fit Boy: GM (picture a half naked guy here) (not even good morning, but gm)
Half asleep Fit Girl: Looking good! Good Morning!
It didn’t end with selfies, workout videos of himself started to pour in; and before I knew it, I ran out of things to say, I mean there’s only so many times you can say, “Looking Good” or “Wow That Looks Intense!” Does someone really need daily affirmations from someone about how they look? I guess so, but there’s really only so much affirming that I can do!

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