Let’s skip to the end first. Do you remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie was broken up with on a post-it note by the guy Berger she was dating? He wrote her a break up note on a post-it in the middle of the night and left before she woke up. Well in our more techno savvy era an equivalent of a post-it note would be a TEXT, and not just a text during the day, but one in the middle of the night when the sender knows you are asleep and won’t be able to answer till later.
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I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of jeans. Jeans from different phases of my life. I have my Korean Man Jeans that I had to buy when I lived in South Korea but couldn’t fit into the women’s jeans. I have jeans that I bought during my first year of competing when my quads were barely in existence. I have dark jeans, light jeans, but never a pair of white jeans. Lately I have been living in my workout pants because, well, they fit my legs and my waist.

Well last week, with an outfit in mind for an evening out, I headed to the Galleria (During tax free weekend no less, what the f#$% was I even thinking!). I usually do well in Express but on my way there I randomly stopped into the Guess store. Right away the sales dude listened to my body issues, and started handing my jeans left and right.

Sales Dude: How Can I help you today?
Me: Well I need a pair of jeans, but I have large quads, my calves make it hard for skinny jeans to fit over, and my butt is also big but my waist is small.
Sales Dude: Ok No problem, let’s try these right here. Ill get you 2 sizes and start a room.
Me: Oh wow Ok!

As I was trying on the jeans, they kept handing me others. Most of them actually fit really well but I settled on this one pair. It was great to actually have a lot of options with jeans; usually a company won’t have that many or the right sizes. I saw some cute dresses that I hope may fit. So for now I have a great pair of jeans! WHEW!!!


Yesterday I participated in my first ever triathlon; which is something I never thought I would ever do. I have run countless races, both short and long but never done a bike and a swim as well; Luckily My great friend Amy told me she was going to do it a couple months ago and I thought, hey why not give it a shot! I wanted to use this year off from competing to try new fitness activities! Well I am looking for my next race now! I had SO MUCH FUN! I love a challenge; both mentally and physically.
A triathlon was/still is very new territory for me; I am used to showing up to a race with myself, my jams, and all in one outfit. But for this race you have to swim first, then transition to ride your bike; hop off the bike and then go for a run! I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR! I was running around town Saturday collecting what I hoped would suffice; I already had a swim suit, but needed long bike shorts and a top. Luckily with the bike I am using I could just wear my running shoes with it; so that helped! My goggles are also 10 plus years old from when I was a life guard during college…I’ll invest in a new pair….

We had to be there super early to put up our bikes and set up our gear so it was a 4:15 am wake up call to get there on time. The race was in Pfluggerville, Texas around Lake Pfluggerville. I was super worried about the swim, I imagined everyone jumping in at once and then getting kicked in the face, but they staggered swimmers to start them. I realized; as I was almost to the swim start, holy shit, it’s been 21 years since I’ve swum competitively, elementary school swim team! Warm lake water plus other swimmers made for what seemed like an eternity in the water; 500 m seems like a lot, but just 11 minutes later I made it back to shore. I had seen people running from the lake to their bikes so of course I wanted to fit in and ran to my bike. I dried off my legs and feet, pulled on these long nike spandex pants and took off on my bike.

I thought I was going super fast, until I heard this whirring behind me;

and on comes someone doing the olympic length on this bike that I see on the Tour de France along with the aerodynamic helmet to match. The dude was barely peddling and going what seemed like twice as fast as me. Well whatever I thought; my bike AND helmet can withstand a car crash! The ride through the Pfluggervile country side was very enjoyable; I forgot that I didn’t have any music to listen to and just worked on going as fast as I could go, and then I passed the 2 mile marker. Damn I thought I was at least 4 or 5 miles in! Oh well, 10 ish more to go!

Other than getting kicked in the face during the swim, the getting off the bike and then running. At the start of the run, you still feel like you are on the bike so my stride was super slow. When I do a race I have a rule; don’t stop, just keep going, no matter how slow I go. As I ran around the lake huffing and puffing I kept the end in sight and put one foot in front of the other until I crossed the finish line.

I am no stranger to online dating but after switching from the meat market to eharmony, I was super excited. I felt like maybe this website would help me find someone more suitable. (Still hoping btw). First guy I “communicate” with seems awesome, and for reasons which you will find out later we will call him Whiskey and Bacon. For our first date, Whiskey and Bacon and I met up at a local restaurant. I was about 8 weeks from a show I was doing in Paris so at this point in my prep, I was allowed to eat meat and vegetables so of course I was excited to be able to eat out at a restaurant! We had a fantastic first date! I ordered iced tea, he ordered whiskey, and we talked about everything. It was that feeling you get when you’re like OMG I really like this guy!!! I hope he like asks me out again….is he going to kiss me? EEEKKK!! Well whiskey And Bacon did ask me out for the following week and he kissed me goodnight (on the lips!).

One thing about my schedule, is doing something during the week is tough when you have to wake up at 430 to train clients at 5 or 530 am. So when I get asked to do stuff on a Wednesday I usually immediately think what is this guy thinking? I count how many hours of sleep I would get depending on what time I could get home and how is that going to make me feel for the following day. But Whiskey and Bacon asked me to go bowling on the following Wednesday and I accepted.

Bowling can be awkward, you have to wear smelly shoes that don’t match your carefully planned outfit and every time you go up to bowl, you can feel your ass being stared at so it automatically makes you nervous and then….. BAM gutter ball. Fuuuck. Well I had a blast that evening, whether Whiskey and Bacon did remains to be seen as you probably already have guessed this “relationship” is doomed since its in this book. We talked in between turns, and he drank a beer and I drank iced tea and we made out a little in the parking lot. He made me laugh almost the whole time, joking about our bowling game, or lack there of.
When I am prepping for a show, I am insanely focused. Cardio, weights, food, sleep, selfies, etc…it’s like clock work for me. So dating and prepping can be hard. One thing I am always up front with is my eating habits and lack of drinking alcohol habits. So I assume when you double check on the restaurants we go to and you take me mini golfing or to see a movie you are down with what I do. Ladies, never assume. Whiskey and Bacon and I saw each other for close to two months. Hang out at his house watching movies, or he would take me out to a nice restaurant that he would let me choose. He would always compliment me on how great he thought I looked and how he thought my dedication was inspiring. I don’t need to date a bodybuilder,, I just need to be with someone who understands that my bodybuilding hobby requires a lot of time and dedication. He had a hobby of running long ruck marches which also required long training sessions in the morning and the weekends. I am nothing if not understanding that you can’t stay out late because you have training early in the am.

Sooooo….after 2 months, a girl’s gotta know. What is going on here? So, since I am not into playing games/wasting time I ask Whiskey and Bacon one evening after we get out of a movie. I don’t think it’s too much pressure to ask a guy if you are at least dating or if you think that there is something more? Here comes the blind side….

Me: So, I have really had so much fun these past months and just wanted to know if you think this could turn into something serious.
Whiskey Bitch: Well, haven’t really thought about it. Could I think about it and let you know?
Stupid: Uh…. Ok?
Dick Face: Ill call you tomorrow!
Seriously So Stupid: um ok? I kept thinking, What. The. Fuck.
Never called. But he texted two days later and asked to meet for coffee. I know, bad sign, but I am going to of course agree to go meet you and make you say it to my face.
Ok, back to his real name. Whiskey and Bacon and I met at a Starbucks and tries to make small talk, about his job; Blah Blah Blah…then Bitch slap.
Whiskey and Bacon: Well I thought about it and I realized that I want to be with someone that I can eat a pound of bacon with and drink whiskey and get drunk with. You are too regimented for my lifestyle. Not Again!: Ok, I understand. (of course me, Ms. Emotional starts to cry) (but wait, you had no problem feeling my tight ass) (wait a sec bitch, that ass is tight due to the lack of alcohol and pounds of bacon I don’t consume).

Ugh Whatever.

Whiskey Dick and Slab of Bacon walked me to my car and now….. ON TO THE NEXT ONE!

The LAST thing that I want to happen is getting to the gym and not being able to tie up my hair! I’ve even gone out to my car to search for a forgotten one just in case! I usually keep some around my wrist, but my clients also forget so they borrow my wrist ones sometimes! I’ve started to keep a stash in my gym bag just in case and luckily I had them because I forgot to grab my wrist ones this morning! It may not seem like a big deal but with my hair I don’t think I could workout with it down!

Went out for my first training 10 mile ride this morning…and was hit by a car! The lady driving was looking down and unable to swerve as I was going fast I braked and fell on her hood (I hope I left a dent).

Our conversation:
Bad driver: oh I’m so sorry I looked and I didn’t see you
Victim rider: that’s because you were looking down!
Bad driver: oh my husband just died
Victim rider: well that doesn’t mean you should kill me!
Bad driver: I’m so sorry my husband just died
Me: just pay attention when you drive.

Hit by a car or not I finished my ride and then went for a run! Glad I wore a helmet and I know it could have been worse.
My run was not easy! It was really difficult to run after the 10 mile ride. I ran a 5k but had to do a run walk. I’ve got a lot of work to do before the sprint triathlon in August.


Dry shampoo is an oil absorbing; it removes oil from your scalp, cleans your hair without having to wash it (avoid the greasy look!!) as well as can give your hair some volume.

This is my favorite brand and it’s always in my gym bag for a quick fix up in between clients and workouts!


Had an interesting encounter at a gas station yesterday…

I was on my way out of town to go cheer on my fellow fit sista in Austin and had to stop and get gas and some gum (super important).

While waiting in line this guy behind me started to talk to me. In the past I’ve been more reserved about telling people what my hobby is (bodybuilding) but I decided to just be more frank even if it scares/intimidates guys. Because if a guy is intimidated then he’s not worth it!! BUT, I hate the pick up line he used..

Guy: wow you’re cute
Me: uh thanks..
Guy: do you play softball?
Me: no, I’m a bodybuilder
Guy: oh wow, I thought only guys do that
Me: no girls do bodybuilding too
Guy: I need to get in shape, do you have any advice?
Me: eat right (as he’s holding a bag of chips)
Guy: well that’s hard…do you have a card in case I need some advice?
Me: no sorry (i wasn’t at all)

I checked out and left!


I always have cleansing wipes and face wipes in my gym bag. These products are perfect for any fit girl that also has a hectic life!

I started using the exfoliating wipes to help with my face; I break out a lot! I use these to wipe of my make up as well as after a workout to make sure my face is clean/free of sweat and dirt.

Cleansing wipes are also great just in case you can’t always get a shower. Sometimes I have clients right after a workout so I use these to “freshen” up Description:

More to come on Gym Bag Essentials!


My wardrobe isn’t very exciting but if I have an event to attend I do like to get a new outfit so this past weekend I went hunting for a dress to wear to a wedding. I am having issues with clothes fitting around my “big girl” lats now and of course my quads. A previous weekend I had a dress that I had to have a friend help me zip up the side, but it was an epic fail, lats too big! So now

I went looking for a non zip up over the lats dress.

I found this one at Francesca’s in Rice Village. I tried on the large and it fit my back but as you can see is really way to big. So I opted for the medium even though it is a bit snug around my back, BUT I didn’t plan on attending the wedding and be doing my front relaxed the whole time…

With a new body comes new challenges to face. It’s tough to go out and have to buy a bigger size jeans but with Operation

Tight Ass comes a bigger booty, SO a larger size I must buy!